Adventures of a Bisexual Girl

I created these quite some time ago when I was messing around with a comic strip creator.  I can’t draw but I’d dearly love to write comics (hit me up sometime, eh Marvel?).  They are languishing on my hard drive but I think that they are stupid and cute, so I thought I’d post them onto my bisexual blog since the subject matter seemed relevant.

Adventures of a Bisexual Girl part one 

Adventures of a Bisexual Girl part two

Why Porn is Greater than David Cameron

I was going to put in a picture of David Cameron but I thought that would turn off my readers.  So have a red square instead.

I was going to put in a picture of David Cameron but I thought that would turn off my readers. So I posted a red square instead.

Why Porn is Greater than David Cameron

It’s very obvious that David Cameron’s anti-pornography measures announced today are a prelude to the erosion of civil liberties, allowing the government to set up a firewall which will be easily switched on/off once it’s in place. (Why on earth does the internet need a state owned firewall?) But, lest we forget, this is also about pornography. Not child pornography but pornography. Cameron wants everyone who chooses to watch porn to “opt-in”, which essentially means putting yourself onto a governmental porno watcher’s list.

I don’t want to be on a list. Lists are bad. Lists are something people can go to if they want to know all about you. No, I’m not ashamed that I might sometimes view porn on the internet, but other people NB THE DAILY MAIL AND ITS READERS suffer from rather strong negative reaction overload to people doing this kind of thing. Visions of 1984 or even the holocaust come to mind all too terrifyingly quickly. “Clara Brooks: watches porn, is bisexual – not really a family woman is she? Segregate that one”

But the way that the Government are doing this is amazingly by manipulating a strong anti-pornographic streak in a society that doesn’t understand why we could possiblywant or need  freedom of sexual expression.   Pornography, according to its conservative detractors, either harms our kids or it harms women. A reader of my short story “Proud and Prejudged” recently labelled it as “pornography”, compared to Anais Nin’s “erotica”. I’m not really sure what the difference between us is other than that she is a much better writer than I, but I’m quite content to label my work pornography if that works for you. The story (series) is primarily about a girl who has intence sexual experiences that are caused by and blend with the literature that she reads. That is, she gets horny and has an orgasm; and that’s what pornography is primarily about – getting off. But the point is if my work can be described as pornography by someone – rightly or wrongly – then obviously I am pro-pornography in some capacity.  I’m pro-pornography anyway, because

I believe in the right for consenting adults to make their own decisions – privately – regarding their sex life, their sexual encounters, what turns them on, what gives them orgasms – and with who, when and how they express these things.  Detractors would say that this is harmful because it destorys the sanctity of monogamous married life.  One has to wonder if these are the same people who said the same things about same-sex marriage.

I write ‘eroticaporn’ because I think that sexuality is a fun and a rewarding thing to explore. I believe that our sexuality is one of the most important facets of who and what we are as people, and that to hide it, to disparage it, to make us feel like criminals for wanting to express it is to deny us the ability to express ourselves and to understand ourselves. And that really cannot be good. Is there bad pornography? Absolutely. I’d go so far as to say that the porn industry as it currently stands is absolutely plagued by terrible representations of women and men, and that the majority of porn produced makes me feel ashamed of my species. And I think we really need to talk about this as a race and we need to change it so that people can spend more time allowing people to be who they want to be and not straightjacketing them with pornographic stereotypes.  So, thanks Mr.Cameron, because what better way not to understand our sexuality/desires, what better way not to have conversations about porn and representation, what better way to make people have negative attitudes towards sex than to drive it underground and make people feel bad for wanting to watch it.

Regardless, I shall continue to peddle my own smut and I’ll allow you to buy it, read it and enjoy it anonymously if you like.  I don’t judge, unless of course you don’t think it’s awesome in which case I’ll apss your name to the CIA.

~ Clara